Saudi Arabia is entering a new era. Vision2030 is ushering in economic and social development at an unprecedented pace. At the forefront of these changes is the goal for the Saudi economy to become one of the world’s top 10 economies, by diversifying and shifting the economy to become less oil-reliant. It is no easy feat to achieve, and as a result, this ingenious new vision has catapulted the country into the global limelight. This keen and renewed interest in the country has brought with it a need for succinct and accurate reporting.

Saudinomics, the brainchild of a passionate local, Faisal Altheyab, seeks to fill this journalistic gap to provide the world with up-to-date news about the economy of Saudi Arabia. The aim of Saudinomics is to be the pre-eminent portal for all economic matters relating to the Saudi economy.

In the essence of embracing Saudi’s change, Saudinomics does not want to confine itself to one perspective, and hence, diversify. Readers who are interested in contributing to the website are encouraged to do so! Please contact Faisal for further information.

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